Shield the Vulnerable

The Spartanburg SDA Church is participating in raising the awareness and prevention of the mistreatment of the vulnerable. We are using an online program that helps accomplish this goal by training people about abuse, neglect, predators, bullying, boundaries, respect, and the perils of cyberspace. All volunteers that participate in any children’s/youth program at our church must complete “Shield the Vulnerable” training online.

All volunteers, 18 years old and over, who work in ministries that involve children are required to have this training completed in order to volunteer.

We want and need your participation in our youth ministries and are asking you to please complete the training immediately or you will not be able to participate. When you finish the training, you must accept for a background check to be done to be able to participate. To start the training, go to

When registering for the training, please use the following selections:

Shield Registration

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